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Evidence of Lee Clark's Fraudulent and Abusive Activities

Here are a few of Mr. Clark's greatest hits... that we know of.

Due to the sensitive nature of the many public and personal records of his victims and to preserve their privacy and safety, additional documentation is only available upon request at this time. Please contact us through the form on this website to discuss and we will forward whatever additional evidence you need to make an informed decision about this. We are preparing redacted versions and gaining permission from his victims in an effort to share more publicly in the future. Where case numbers are provided, you can of course discover additional information with a public records request from the corresponding jurisdiction. Thank you for understanding and helping us protect the victims' privacy.

Please note that every item listed here is substantiated by primary evidence from numerous credible sources in multiple states representing Lee's work with over a dozen victims. The documents and accounts of events presented here are in their original form and accurate to the best of our ability. We will gladly submit this and more evidence for forensic analysis or further investigation should it become necessary.

Finally, we have nothing to gain but his further retaliation and slander. Who wants their network poisoned? Who wants to look over their shoulder every time they come home or walk to their car? We certainly don't! But we have accepted these risks together in order to provide you the opportunity we wish we'd had.

If you knew the people he describes as "crazy" and "off their meds," you would be truly shocked that you believed it for a second. He's that good. Go ahead and believe that we are crazy, all 15+ of us, but view the evidence first. We only seek to prevent future harm and to provide a safe harbor for anyone in need.

Washington restraining order.JPG
Portland restraining order image.PNG
New Jersey judgement.JPG

Restraining Order Against Lee Austin Graham Clark in Washington State

Restraining Orders Against Lee Clark in Oregon

Judgment Against Lee Clark for $96k in Unpaid Rent and Loans in New Jersey

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Image of small claims list of loans.JPG
empty house.jpg
crowbar threat.jpg

Over $12k in Unpaid Rent and Personal Loans in Oregon

That Time He Emptied a Woman's Entire House in California Because She Initiated Eviction for Unpaid Rent

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Lee Clark Threatens Woman with a Crow Bar in Oregon

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bruised arm.JPG
Image of Lyle's email.PNG
past due mail box.jpg

Lee Clark Assaults Woman in Oregon Slamming Door on Her Arm

Friend Becomes Angry with Lee for Raping the Woman He Introduced to Him in 2010

That Time He Didn't Pay His Attorney... Wait, Which Time??? We've Lost Track!

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last will.jpg

Skipping Out on Thousands of Dollars in Auto Repairs in Oregon 2017-18

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Lee Clark Intercepts His Own Garnishment Letters at Work and Gets Employer Sued

Lee Clark Disowned By Parents for "Being Horrible Husband & Father"

broke empty pockets.jpg
marriage fraud.jpg
Lake Arrowhead house.jpeg

Lee Clark Flees Bankruptcy, Immigrates to United States to Live off American Woman

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Lee Clark Cons Woman into Marriage to Obtain Green Card, Leaves Her Bankrupt

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Lee Clark Threatens to Steal California Woman's House

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Lee Clark Attempts to Steal Washinton Woman's Mobile Home, Retaliates When She Seeks Annulment in 2011

Lee Clark Threatens to Steal Oregon Woman's Home, Becomes Violent When Asked to Leave/ Pay Rent in 2018

He Tells Hundreds of Women About His List of What he Wants in a Partner - Your Similarities Are Uncanny!

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tiny violin.jpg
Image of email from Phil.PNG
Coffman racing.jpg

That Girlfriend Who Got Cancer and Died is Guaranteed to Gain Your Trust and Sympathy - He's Counting On It!

Lee Clark Owes $7k Freeloading Off of Best Friend For Trip to South America in 2014-15

That Time He Got Fired for Lying So He Pretended He Quit to "Pursue Adventure" in 2014

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Artist Lee Kelly.jpg

Lee Clark Steals Sculptures from Oregon Artist Lee Kelly and Passes Them Off as "Gifts" to Himself

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Litigating Against Employers at Every Opportunity

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Stealing Laptops and Other Expensive Merchandise Upon Being Fired by Washington Employer for Attempting Fraud in 2017-18

Lee agrees to pay rent in 2013.JPG
Denali with quote.JPG

Lee Clark Runs Up Debt of Over $13k to Another Washington Woman in 2013

As in Climbing, So in Life: Lee Clark Lies, Cheats, and Steals at 20,000 Feet

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