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As in Climbing, So in Life: Lee Clark Lies, Cheats, and Steals at 20,000 Feet

2010 Denali Climb

As Lee Clark tells it, he single-handedly dragged two bums to the summit of Denali. However, the only talents he has in the climbing world are apparently his ability to lie, cheat, and steal.

He's mastered the art of the humble brag, entreating his victims to ask questions about this daring man of mystery. When he reluctantly responds by disclosing some impressive feat, downplaying it all along, he knows it will simultaneously impress you and gain your trust. He stokes the narcissistic supply that he so craves and manipulates you into showering him with praise and admiration.

Works like a charm.

Until you meet the guys who've actually climbed with him!

Read this firsthand account from Kevin Graves, a serious climber and devoted husband who is not afraid to say publicly what kind of climber and man Lee Clark is. He and his buddy, John, are the ones who dragged the real bum, Lee Clark, to the summit of Denali and discovered his true character.