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Have you unknowingly helped this man cause harm? Do you have additional evidence that should be included on this site? It's not too late to help his victims.

We believe Lee uses friendships with otherwise kind, decent men and women to gain the trust of his victims. Have you vouched for him? Reassured a skeptical girlfriend that he isn't too good to be true? Are you now realizing that you were made complicit in his abuse and fraud of some of the best women around? Send them a note of encouragement, apology, or support. Their reputations have been deliberately dragged through the mud by Lee. They have each lost friendships, opportunities, precious time, and hope on top of all the money he stole. They grapple with the shame of having been fooled by him, the shame of struggling financially (sometimes for the first time in their lives), the shame of wondering if everyone thinks they're crazy, and the pain of knowing that our society so easily believes the narrative of a bitter woman scorned, no matter how much proof to the contrary. Consider setting the record straight with anyone you helped spread lies to about her. Remind her you're looking out for her safety so she doesn't live in constant fear of retaliation from him. Pass along additional supporting evidence to help inform future victims. Contribute your kind words to his victims' healing journeys and commit to never being used by him again to cause harm. That is our only objective in creating this site.

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How You Can Help: Contact
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