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Lee Clark is a Con Artist and Serial Predator

Do not lend this man money or let him move in with you! He owes hundreds of thousands in unpaid civil judgments and personal loans and has a long history of attempting to defraud women of their homes!

Is this man currently love-bombing you? Is he texting you every hour of the day telling you how special you are, how similar your "lists" are, how he's looking for a true and loyal partner? His "Swan Song"? Does he shower you with so much attention that it seems impossible he could be communicating with anyone else? (BTW, he's copying and pasting the same drivel he's sending to you to at least a dozen other women right now while he hunts for his next lucrative victim)

You are not alone. You are not crazy. But you are also not safe! We can help.

Lee Austin Graham Clark has been defrauding and abusing women in the United States for nearly 20 years. There are judgments and restraining orders against him in New Jersey, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington, and Oregon, that we know of.

This site is maintained by a collective of private investigators and loved ones of his previous victims. Our goal is only to make evidence of his pattern and motive available for those who seek it so they can make informed decisions before dating, marrying, employing, living with, or lending to him. We wish this information had been there for our loved ones as we have seen Mr. Clark nearly destroy dozens of lives - financially, physically, and emotionally.

On this site you will find public records and other information to substantiate the concerns you likely already have. That gut feeling? LISTEN TO IT AND RUN!

If you have had a brush with this con artist, you are in good company. Welcome to the club! We are resourceful, resilient, kind, successful, athletic, hard-working, beautiful, independent women. He has studied our type and learned from each subsequent victim in order to extract as much personal gain for himself as possible. He hates women like us who are strong, optimistic, emphatic, and able to pay our own bills (unlike him). He enjoys watching a once brilliant, confident, happy woman disintegrate (temporarily) under the trauma he inflicts.

Make no mistake - he is a master of manipulation. Gaslighting? You just bought the master class!

This is a true professional, more slick than any "Dirty John," who will charm you right out of house and home. And later, when you're upset about him decimating your finances and threatening your life, he'll turn around and tell anyone who will listen that you are "mentally ill" and "vindictive." (This is the "discard" phase of narcissistic abuse, BTW. Check out our Resources page for more information about his tactics and recovery resources to help you through this. And if he's gotten this far with you, we are sincerely sorry.)

But, you don't have to take our word for it!

You're probably thinking these are the rantings of a crazy ex girlfriend, just like he said, right? A smart, discerning person like you should absolutely be skeptical. We've simply saved you the trouble of hiring a private investigator and searching endless public records to make it easier for you to find the evidence you need to decide for yourself.

If you are in immediate danger from Lee Clark, please tell someone and get help ASAP. Whether it is calling 9-1-1, asking friends and family, or reaching out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), GET OUT NOW before he sets his hooks even deeper. We have had to do all of the above and then some. We have been where you are and our only desire is to help you get to healing from this ASAP.

There is a support network of women, men, and even former employers just like you waiting to help you begin the long and difficult (albeit doable) process of recovering from his fraud and abuse.

Stay safe. You got this.

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Have you unknowingly helped this man cause harm? Do you have additional evidence that should be included on this site? It's not too late to help his victims.

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